Offering balloon jumps on a daily basis, Balloon Skydive understands the needs and requirements for a pleasurable, safe and comfortable balloon skydive. Having expericenced your first balloon jump you will undoubtedly leave with the feeling that you have done something quite special, and that "yes, you are truly alive."

The staff at Balloon Skydive strives to instill that feeling of confidence that "Hits the Mark." Our custom basket steps, and secure jump board add to an easy, relaxed balloon exit and enhances photo or film opportunites. Having 30 years of commercial ballooning experience, and dropped hundreds of skydivers you can rest assured your balloon skydive will be both pleasurable and memorable. Balloon Skydive has several balloons of different sizes, thus accomodating reservations from small parites to large groups. Private group jumps are also available.

Balloon Skydive is based in Perris, California home of the Perris Valley Airport and Perris Valley Skydiving Center. A world class skydiving center which has a long history of extremely favorable weather, and friendly topography for skydiving. Attracting skydivers from across the globe. Numerous world skydiving records have been set at the Perris Valley Airport. The Perris Valley is just a short drive from Skydive Elsinore located in Lake Elsinore California. Skydive Elsinore is also world famous for its history of skydiving records and accomplishments..

You've jumped out of lots of airplanes, now take the opportunity to jump off a quiet, stable, and motionless platform. Many of our Southern California skydivers jump with us time and time again due to a Balloon Skydives own unique thrill and special flavor of excitement.

Balloon Skydive encourages anyone interested that would like to watch, to ride along for about the same price as a balloon jump. The Balloon makes a perfect viewing platform allowing anyone to share in the exhilaration, fun and excitement coupled with a balloon ride. Balloon Skydives start at approximately sunrise year round.

At Balloon Skydive our goal is to enhance your skydiving experience in a friendly ,safe and relaxed environment with your requirements, needs, and considerations in mind. All skydivers must have their own rigs, gear and equipment. Prepaid skydive certificates making the perfect gift are also available. Call for a quote, or to make a reservation. Have your questions answered 1st hand, talk to Dan the pilot! at 1-951-265-0552